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September 24, 2003

Almost there….

yea. i’m almost complete with the website. months in the making. i had a landmark day today by finally finishing up the whole Portfolio section. with any luck, i may be able to do a soft launch tomorrow. need to flush out a few more sections/areas and add some sound and eventually shoot some […]

September 11, 2003

This Is Going, To Make You Freak

just watch this… i think chris cunnigham of aphex twin/autechre video fame is at it again. but after a little research, it turns out to be this guy dani levi from south africa that did the vid… now playing: 04 Root from the album “Double Jointed” by RAC oh so fitting how iTunes randomly plays […]

September 6, 2003

Ableton & Detroit & DJ & Afterhours

been a few days since i posted anything… i came across this site, detroit underground and it’s a pretty cool designy site with some music on there. Downloaded the new Ableton 3 Public Beta to check out out.. haven’t installed yet, cause, i’m suppose to be working on my online portfolio now… dj’d again at […]

September 2, 2003

Physical Media to Downloads

thought this was interesting… that this was coming out so soon… an article in business wire about cds/dvds will shift to downloads, and the big companies will embrace this. now playing: Situation [Space Dub] from the album “Situation / State Farm (Single)” by Yaz