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February 22, 2009

Mini Ableton 8 / Akai APC-40 PRE-view

Mini Review: checked out Ableton 8 Demo and Akai APC 40 in person last Thursday @ Dubspot… Ableton 8 Overdrive Effect is totally awesome (digital stompbox replacement) as is the new multi-band dynamics effects. Vocoder has potential, need to tinker with it in hand. The ability to configure what plug in parameters to control in […]

February 8, 2009

Nine Inch Nails continues to push new Music Business Models

I came across this video from a Music Conference (midiemnet) and thought it was pretty interesting and wanted to share. The gist is quite simple. Connect with your fans in interesting ways (Blogs, Contests, web community, free music giveaways say under creative commons licenses, etc) and then give them reasons to buy your various schwag […]

February 1, 2009

iTM DJ iPhone app works perfect with Traktor 3 & Pro Review

Wow. A killer DJ interface for use with Traktor 3/Pro is available for use on your iPhone/iPodTouch. This app has been out for a few weeks but I finally ponied up the $6 purchase. First off, I have NO qualms what so ever in doing so. Here’s my attempt at a review. I’ve also made […]