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This is the place to see all my old flyer designs.

These were created in the early 1990’s through to early 2000’s.
Most of the designs covered boston and new england based events.
Some of these flyers have been published in various magazine and
Flyer books.

After relocating to nyc in 2003, I hooked up a few additional
clients and events to create my last major batch of flyer design work.

Featured Brands: Primary Productions, Central Pivot, Culture, Chrome, Avaland, Butter, Trainspot, Geezah!, EoL, Square1, Axis, Avalon, Lipsync, Depth Charge, Moving, Apologize & Breakaway.
Red, Baby Blue, Green, Purple, Ohm, Tangerine

Boston / New England Era
(Early 1990’s – Early 2000’s)

New York City Era
(2003 – 2008)