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September 6, 2003

Ableton & Detroit & DJ & Afterhours

been a few days since i posted anything… i came across this site, detroit underground and it’s a pretty cool designy site with some music on there.

Downloaded the new Ableton 3 Public Beta to check out out.. haven’t installed yet, cause, i’m suppose to be working on my online portfolio now…

dj’d again at Remote Lounge with buddy Mark Flynn friday night. Had one of my better sets in a long time, last one being my set for Vinylholic in august at B3, but, that was a slow turnout nite… but last night i had mad mad fun playing some funky breakbeats, to a lil electro, sorta got a lil rockish and then transitioned over to some classic and not so classic industrial dance… not one complaint from the musically inept crowd that caters more towards getting digits than what’s going on around them sonically. i’ll try to get Mark to get me the set list off of final scratch to post on here. damn, i wish i recorded it. I haven’t recorded any new sets while dj’ing out this year (aside from the last few radio QE2 shows)… kinda sad. perhaps i should make a return in 2004. can we make the iPods record anytime soon?

Anyway, after the gig, Redboy and I headed up into my hood and i introduced him to the local after hours hot spot. Again, it was mad chill and good vibe going on in the MarkCafe. I think I need to get a chill night goin’ there. I bailed around 6 am and took a few photos outside on 3rd Avenue…. the lighting was just really cool and New York was so serene.
benny's hood early morning in new york city. serene

yea man.

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