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September 24, 2003

Almost there….

yea. i’m almost complete with the website. months in the making. i had a landmark day today by finally finishing up the whole Portfolio section. with any luck, i may be able to do a soft launch tomorrow. need to flush out a few more sections/areas and add some sound and eventually shoot some more clips for blancovision….

i’m psyched.

i just hope it will help secure me a good new job soon. i would like to have some dough again.
once i’m fully launched, i had set a personal restriction on myself for months about not loggin on into chat apps.

i will soon return to the real world… and be social again. and even more so when that new job comes in too.

as an aside: i’ll be dj’ing this friday with “MOVING” partner, mark flynn, for another edition of cathode ray tunes over at remote lounge.