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August 10, 2004

Do You Have any Dance Music?

so, yea. i’m djing a little this week….

so… turn it up.

depth charge thursdays @ mixx loungemoving fridays at mr. dennehy'sgoin' down at the parlour saturdays
August 7, 2004

Moving Fridays Moving Forward

okay, so what have i been doin over the past couple months. with not a blog entry in site? was working at a small agency called Creative Priority since the beginning of the year. But, as the summer wained on, business started to move to a crawl and i was growing a lil grumpier day […]

August 6, 2004

am i alive?

hey. this is just a test to see if my blog is still running after i was infilatrated by brazilians. seriously, the site was hacked a few months ago and it affected all the index pages on my site. ewwWWwww. F’ers. now playing: B1 Setup (bushwacka!) from the album “12”” by Tokamak