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May 21, 2021

DJ Mix – Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – Set #19 – World Goth Day Preview – May 21st, 2021

Set #19/2021. 2 hrs and 56 minutes. Last year, I honored World Goth Day by playing tribute to a lot of bands, another year has passed and it’s time to do it again. Maybe a little less GOTH, but still dark moody tunes to lurk and listen to in a dark room or wherever you […]

May 14, 2021

DJ Mix – Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – Set #18 – Industrial New Wave Rounds – May 14th, 2021

Set #18/2021. 2 hrs and 16 minutes. This was off to a late start, so a bit shorter than my typical 3 hour excursions, but rest assured, I’ve packed some fun Industrial New Wave Jams.   Follow me on twitch and click the subscribe button.   Runtime: 2 hrs 16 minutes 24 bit 48 […]

December 4, 2020

DJ Mix Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – Techno Elect 80s – December 4th, 2020

2 hrs and 46 minutes of dark moody atmospheric techno, shift to some electro booty styles before carrying the remainder of the show in 80s New Wave Goth Industrial wasteland. I dropped a heavy breaks remix I just completed around the 1 hr 3 minute mark, 240 PAS “Skratch That Kitty (blancodisco breakbone remix).   […]

September 11, 2020

DJ Mix Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – 90’s, 80’s – SEPTEMBER 11th, 2020

Straight up 90’s into 80’s business this week. The 90’s tunes swerve in and out of Rave, Manchester, House, Breaks and Techno. I even snuck in one of my old productions with Dale Charles as Sedona, “Pulsation”. When we reach the midway point, we roll back to some familiar 80’s territory, well, maybe some obscure […]

August 14, 2020

DJ Mix Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – Back to the Random – AUGUST 14th, 2020

Summer is just flying on by… but I definitely look forward to my weekly Friday Throwdown Sets. This week, I’ve gone back to the Random style. No real specific plan, other than I wanted to play a few new records that came into the house recently. New Skudge LP, Gigi Galaxy 2020, Red Flag and […]