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January 27, 2006


WHEN DOGS ATTACK!New mixes created and ready to be broadcast via AOL Radio for February 2006.This batch was originally taken from a 4 hour 23 minute mix session recordedin the pristine home studio conditions. With nothing on my mind mixing, I had all afternoon to dedicate myself to mix it up for 4 plus hours.I pulleHere are the results….

August 10, 2004

Do You Have any Dance Music?

so, yea. i’m djing a little this week….

so… turn it up.

depth charge thursdays @ mixx loungemoving fridays at mr. dennehy'sgoin' down at the parlour saturdays

February 12, 2004

Wankin’ It for Wankers

Depth Charge Wankin’ It. The Parlour.

January 31, 2004

Depth Charge & Razors

announcement of Depth Charage event and guest spot at Razors @ Open Air in February

September 6, 2003

Ableton & Detroit & DJ & Afterhours

been a few days since i posted anything… i came across this site, detroit underground and it’s a pretty cool designy site with some music on there. Downloaded the new Ableton 3 Public Beta to check out out.. haven’t installed yet, cause, i’m suppose to be working on my online portfolio now… dj’d again at […]

August 24, 2003


k, here we go… check out this online electronic music label from europe. thinnerism it’s pretty what cool how they use the web to distribute their releases for their artists nice artwork, design, and layout too….. and all of it for free! from deep techno, minimal, ambient, glitch & clicky tracks. they just released #38. […]