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January 31, 2004

Depth Charge & Razors

so, mark flynn and i have got another weekly going here in our fine city. new york city that is. Mark sorted out our new space at a place called Mixx Lounge in the West Village. We are calling the event Depth Charge It’s not quite a Moving style event (dedicated upbeat/uptempo/fullon shake yer booty night), due to the fact that the space is a little more chill, but the management is certainly cool if we need to crank things up a notch. For the most part, we play whatever the hell we feel like in the ranges of downtempo, dub, electronic, idm, slow breaks, classics, nu jazz, minimal, house and a touch of progressive and a rock tune or two. We “mixx it up” here at the lounge which has fairly good sound in an intimate setting.

We found out this week about some drink specials. 2 for 1 Cosmopolitans and $3 Bud Lights if yer into that sorta thing. This past thursday, i got really stinkin drunk, cause the previous owner of the bar came in and reconized Mark and I from eating at our favorite west village Korean restaurant, Doh Wa and said to the bartenders… “make sure you get these guys fuuuucked up”… so… needless to say. 4 shots were downed. and a heavy hangover for me on friday to trudge my way through at work. not fun…… the night before. fun, HELLS yea.

Bottom line. DEPTH CHARGE looks like it will shape up to BE the place to go for a thursday evening. we roll out the tunes circa 8:30 and blend on through the evening til it’s past yer bedtime. This next thursday, February 5th, we’ll have REDBOY as our guest, cause, Mark Flynn will be up in Boston. We haven’t officially made it official that we’ll be having guest dj’s for Depth Charge, but we want to see if the night picks up and then book accordingly.

Coming up in February… the kind people at Earthprogram have invited my hard drive and laptop to their new monthly event at the ever oh so eclectic.. Open Air bar in the East Village on FEBRUARY 20TH. the event is called RAZORS. The event will also feature pal.. REDBOY as well as ALLEN KEY, NICK CAIN & JOEL T. should be a hoot with these group of Nuttahs.