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August 9, 2008

Safe 2 Drive driving school… I got a speeding ticket

So, I was back in San Diego visiting the folks for a little summer vacation early in July. The wife and I were driving home from an afternoon of shopping. We were just merging onto a highway from another when I was coming off a steep on ramp and was going pretty fast. I drove by a cop of course hidden on the side of the road and as soon as I saw him and turn on the headlights, I was done for. I looked at the speedometer, and saw 71 MPH or so. DOH!!! Damn you quiet Acura!

Anyway, the cop was pretty cool and I got my ticket and was on my way. I wasn’t really looking forward for a $300 ticket, but what are you gonna do? I got my notice in the mail back in nyc a few weeks later and had the option to take driving school to ensure a point would not be added to my driving record.


I searched through some 30 odd driving schools approved for San Diego county provided with my notice to appear in court and narrowed it down to the one I choose. Safe 2 Drive.

The course was $12.95 plus $6.95 to do online I.D. verification through Equifax. This was one of the cheapest course costs as well online verification costs I came across. Other schools were charging 9.99 and higher most of the time. When I finally got to payment part of the course (at the very end after you have passed all course material), there was a field for Promotion Code. I did a quick google search and the first entry delivered this code below.

Code: 1FAF1
Discount: 10% off

It worked like a charm and deducted an additional 3.00 off for “Family and Friends”. Total price was $16.90. The reason why I choose this course was mainly based of the site’s design. It was one of the cleaner and more professionally designed sites I came across. Some of the driving schools were so crappy in design, I only would have considered them if the price was even cheaper. Anyway… I had a pleasing experience and got through 5 chapter course in about 3.5 hours total broken into 2 sessions at my computer. You take a 10 question quiz at the end of each chapter. Pass with 80% or more and you can move on to the next chapter. After going through all course material, you then can enter the payment flow, i.d. verification online (if you choose that path) and then onto a 25 question test. The funny thing is, there is nothing to stop you from keeping course material or the internet for finding answers to questions on the test if you need it. I ace the test 100%, but probably because the stuff I had just read and ran through was still fresh in my head.

Bottom Line, if you get a speeding ticket in san diego county and you qualify for driving school. I’d recommend this school for cost and design. The only crappy part of the site’s design is that there is no way to quickly navigate to say Chapter 1 from Chapter 4. You have to hit Prev/Next buttons for each slide/page to get there. Locked in the linear navigation. If you can deal with that… there you have it.