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March 21, 2008

Tim Haslett 1966-2008 …. some WZBC shows Archived

So, this past week, it was brought to our attention, that Boston’s own, Tim Haslett was found dead in his apartment at Michigan State University whilst working through Post Graduate Studies, of an accidental prescribed medication overdose. As the news spread amongst those who knew Tim, fantastic memories of our interactions with Tim emerged… in some cases, it was the passive interactions with Tim we really enjoyed. We listened to Tim’s selections on his numerous shows he hosted on Boston College’s WZBC in the early 90’s, where I also use to be a co-host on the ‘Z’ with Beyond the QE2 program, but from the late ’90’s through the early 2000’s. Many dj and non dj types listened to him, religiously. .and then we would religiously….. follow him and listen to him in the various record shops he worked in. For me, it was mainly Boston Beat (where I initially met him and conducted most of my interactions there), Biscuithead and Other Music.

So even if it’s a LOW Warbly Distored Bass Drum Kick to hear of Tim’s passing, it is to my excitement, that tapes are starting to surface as they get digitized. These memories encoded in these programs reflect back on fun and personal times of probably everybody’s lives as to what they were doing back in the early ’90s. (smiles)

At the time, I never taped Tim’s shows… I just listened, because I think I passed my ‘taping’ the radio days at that point. It was my arrival to Boston in 1989 to attend Berklee College of Music where I discovered the program, Diego’s ‘Moods For Moderns’ show on WFNX on Sunday Nights. This show started to shed light and just scratch the surface of the burgeoning Techno Music Scene that was about to explode in a big way.

Luckily, Old Boston Techno Head, David McMahon (DJM) captured some of Tim’s finer moments and is the first to have brought some tapes to light.. and to the land of digital, and I’m honored to host these recordings as a piece of Boston Music History.. Tim soooOOOOOoooo helped shape many of our musical paths to the Left of what most would consider ‘normal’ music, but for us.. this became.. our Normal music.

So, Tim, Thank You and even though we have to say good bye today, we can also come back to visit you whenever we’d like, with these recordings. (I hope that we can get more on the server for all to enjoy). Our receivers are still tuned.

the first set to emerge is from the Hard Wired program on WZBC.
Tim Haslett_WZBC_Hardwired_6-9-92-SideA.mp3

Tim Haslett_WZBC_Hardwired_6-9-92-SideB.mp3

2 More from DJM, from the following week:
Tim Haslett_WZBC_Hardwired_6-16-92-SideA.mp3

Tim Haslett_WZBC_Hardwired_6-16-92-SideB.mp3

Just added: (01.02.09)
Got a few more from an anonymous fan






If anyone has any more recordings they’d like to contribute, i have no problem hosting them, just get me the goods and email me where I can pick them up.
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