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December 2, 2003

Sidekick Has Arrived & Hooky

yes folks. i did it. i did the switchover with number portability. I went from Sprint to T-Mobile (a german company) and picked up the color sidekick after rebates for $20 which i still have to send them in. so, you can still call me at the number you know love. you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

here are a few geek shots of the damn thing.
color sidekick shotscolor sidekick shotscolor sidekick shotscolor sidekick shots
i haven’t set everything up on it yet, but looks to be working well at least in my home with nice signal. let’s hope that this new device suits me kindly.

In other events, over the weekend, went to Avalon NYC to check out Mr. Peter Hook (from the infamous band, New Order) play two tracks with the uk outfit, Hybrid. It was pretty cool to see him standing mere inches away from us. Redboy almost got clocked by his bass. The other funny thing about this show was this one ol’ geezah. He was just a total freak. Dancin’ like a fool with all these hand and arm gyrations. he was just missing some glowsticks. He seemed out of place here, but it was amusing to see nonetheless. I wish we had pics of that one. Props to Fedor for getting us in hassle free. I still hate $7 coronas at any bar!

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