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November 18, 2003

Feeling UnBloggy Latey

yea, so I haven’t been to bloggy latey. Maybe just because there hasn’t been too much going on to note. Or nothing I really care to share.

A quick recap.

Apologize party for Halloween set was totally kick ass. Laptop performed flawlessly to a packed house which has resulted in an immediate re-appearance for November, day after Thanksgiving. Saw 2ManyDJs for the first time on Nov.1 with redboy & sheri. got mad mad sweaty. Nov.11, celebrated a b-day with some fine sushi, some Hooters and some drinks with an un-blissful hangover and interview the following day. The weekend of the 15th brought b-day celebration party part duex with friends gathering at the ny comedy club and then on to open air for some house music and more drinks and dancin and foolin around.

that brings it up to date. i’ll try to be more regular and up some more fun once again…..