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October 16, 2003

Sox, Interpol & Panther

thas right.. got all three.

Saw the Boston Red Sox whip the New York Yankee’s yesterday (wednesday) for my first trip to Yankee Stadium
After leaving the game a bit early, i had to meet up with redboy to catch the free VIP style Interpol concert at the Hammerstein theatre, which i’ve never been to before either. Show was great and we had the best seats in the house thanks to shelby baccus at Matador. Too bad drinks weren’t free. The music was fantastic. about four new tracks were played. place was packed too. Now… if only electronic shows could do this well in this town. And finally, got Panther going a little ahead of launch. Panther is the and latest OS for apple computers. so far… so good. nice, fast smooth. it’s almost like a new computer. just testing and configuring stuff now….

check out some foe-toes.

so yea. thas all for now folks….