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August 29, 2003

Wussin’? And the weekend ahead

So yea, it’s friday night in nyc on Labor Day Weekend, and i’m sitting here at home in front of my computer. I went out to dinner with my girlfriend, sheri, earlier and we came back to the crib here before planning to head out to hear redboy play at void. but, she got settled in taking a nap, and i’m quite comfortable working on my website. I’m not thinking i’m makin’ it out to void at this point. maybe i’ll venutre down the street to this afterhours joint i found last week, a block and a half away from where i live. unheard of in this hood, a venue playing some cool house/techno/progressive dance music. i feel like i should go support that too.

on top of that, some friends of mine (sassan & messica aka jessica) are coming down for a wedding from boston this weekend out on long island that i’m also going too. they were gettin into town tonite, but i haven’t heard from them yet either, i reckon they’re beat from the drive down and are kickin’ it at their crash space on the upper west side.

Tomorrow, it’s PS1 final warmup with Afrika Bambatta and a dude from DFA (electroclash stuff). Papa & Mama Massif (gabe & charisse) are bringin’ lil Fallon out for da fun outside. should be cool.

i’m so awake after going to bed at 6 am this morning and waking up at noon.

man. unemployed in nyc.
it can be kinda cool.
but, havin’ flow is cooler.

i feel like dj’ing now….