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August 27, 2003

Pissed Off About the News Lately?

i know i am. after hearing some of the headlines from last week. Bush back peddling on the clean air act, redistricting in texas and of course the ongoing b.s. in Iraq… made me want to leave this sick state of the union we are living in. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer right now.

well, i found some comfort by reading a few things from the other, not the other side of the atlantic, just some alternative news/opinion outlets.

check out:
and of course can be semi-useful at times too.
one other outlet is more of a radio show…. COUNTERSPIN

we’re so fucked these days.

on a more positive note, but still sorta sad, i DO have to go overseas to listen to good radio (aside from evening programming on WZBC) bbc/radio1 has a killer WEBSITE with tracklistings and tons of shows archived. i particularly like the Blue Room show. on da chillage tip.