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June 2, 2023

DJ Mix – Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – Dark Times, Glimmering Hope – June 2nd, 2023

Dark Times, Glimmering Hope
3 hrs and 32 minutes!

Marathon set back here in the BASSment for another Friday Throwdown. Had a rough few weeks here as my day job was enduring impending layoffs. Fortunate for myself, I was spared, but many near me on my team and folks I worked with were affected. It was not great. It did not feel celebratory to play music the past few weeks. But.. need to get back up to sharing music with folks and had some decent mini conversations with friends during the set.

This set hit similar territory… early 90s and 80s biz… but for the last hour or so…. I broke into a full Detriti Records label showcase (2 hrs 25 min mark). I had just ordered the entire vinyl catalog that was available as I’m a cheapskate when it comes to buying records. I need the best deal. Buying them all.. records were like $10 a piece. Looking at prices on Discogs they are almost all going for more than $20 a pop. The most satisfying part of this as the folks that were still hanging on listening at this point didn’t drop out cause the music was unfamiliar. I consider that a win. But the reason why I’m enjoying this label so much is for several points

  • Label Art is punk rock, duo tone, low tech, grunge for the most part. It’s a specific visual aesthetic, Davide Lace, the label boss is going for.
  • Low-fi retro mastering. Releases initially started out as cassette tape runs (guts!)
  • Manage to scour the globe for numerous NEW ACTS embodying 80s New Wave, Goth, Synthwave, Coldwave, Indie, EBM & Industrial vibes. Acts signed are from Eastern Europe, Belarus, Germany, France, Belgium, Montreal, Columbia, LA & NYC to name a few locations
  • Lyrics in multitude of languages I do not understand, but the grit and melodies are there. Sometimes a bit pretentious, but hoping it is largely tongue in cheek.
  • Simple Basic Music. Raw As F*ck!

As always, I try to provide the video and audio recording of the show along with the Tracklist… enjoy.


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Runtime: 3 hrs 32 minutes


24 bit 48 khz aac recording

24 bit 48 khz wav recording


  1. benny blanco® – JLTM, EGTBA

  2. Plastikman & Gonzales – Ekko (In Key)

  3. Depeche Mode – Useless (Escape From Wherever: Parts 1 & 2!)

  4. Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk – Silicon Loafer

  5. Mystikal – Bouncin’ Back (Bumpin’ Me Against The Wall)

  6. Long Range – Lie Down

  7. The Cure – Lullaby

  8. Siouxsie And The Banshees – Supernatural Thing (Extended Version)

  9. Depth Charge – Poison Clan 95

  10. Holdtight – Le Male Du Pays

  11. Portishead – Sour Times

  12. Death In Vegas – Flying

  13. Sneaker Pimps – Black Sheep

  14. Nine Inch Nails – The Only Time

  15. James Brown – The Payback

  16. Love & Rockets – Ball of Confusion [USA Mix]

  17. Words And Actions – My Favourite Mistake

  18. Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric

  19. Lorde – Royals (Magnifik Breakbeat Tropical Nu Disco Vocal Remix)

  20. Pop Will Eat Itself – Wise Up! Sucker (12″ Version)

  21. Sigue Sigue Sputnik – She’s My Man

  22. Karla DeVito – We Are Not Alone

  23. Danny Elfman – Sucker For Mystery

  24. Ascending – L’unica Certezza

  25. Matiajka – Family Com (Back To The Beloved Let The Pedigree Continue)

  26. Unconscious – Depraved Souls In Vatican

  27. ДК Посторонних – Midnight Waltz

  28. Filmmaker – Monster Models

  29. Laura Krieg – Ces Cadavres

  30. Karl Kave – Iiskalte See

  31. Parole E Azioni – Dich Mag Ich

  32. La Punta Bianca – Abraxas

  33. Valuemart – Vapors

  34. South Heights – Nachtkreuzer

  35. Молчат Дома = Molchat Doma – Na Dne = На Дне

  36. Autumns – Isn’t It Said?

  37. Aurat – ¿Can You Hear Me? (MVTANT Remix)

  38. ROÜGE – Nuclear

  39. The Serfs – Perverted Disco

  40. The Populists Aka Yan Wagner – Thalys Theorem

  41. Villes Nouvelles – Leaders

  42. Words And Actions – You Need What You Want


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