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August 7, 2020

DJ Mix Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – ~3hrs of LUKE VIBERT – AUGUST 7th, 2020

20200807_bennyblanco_fridaythrowdown_LUKEVIBERT.mp4You like familiar samples? Crisp Beats? A bit of Acid Flavor? A bit of British humor? Then LOOK no further. One of the most prolific producers out there… Luke Vibert, a man of many guises for various styles of music he produces under, is almost unmatched. Many a favorite in DJs bags for Downtempo, Trip Hop sounds, Acid and all the up to Drum & Bass styles. Luke’s production has a familiar palette once you get to know it. Always with a bit of quirkiness.


So this week marks 6 WEEKS OF ARTIST FOCUSED DJ MIXES.. It may be time to switch it back to random blancodisco styles, but it has been a ton of fun and challenging doing these artist focused sets.

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Runtime: 2 hrs 45 minutes


  1. Plug – Cheesy (Gigolo Mix)
  2. Plug – I Freak Techniques
  3. Wagon Christ – Wake Up
  4. Wagon Christ – Ain’t He Heavy, He’s My Brother
  5. Luke Vibert – Computer Complex
  6. Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert – Messy Hop
  7. Luke Vibert – Six Eight
  8. Luke Vibert – Liptones
  9. Wagon Christ – Musipal
  10. Luke Vibert – Bizarster
  11. Wagon Christ – Introfunktion
  12. Luke Vibert – Bongo Beats
  13. The Ace Of Clubs – pHeel The pHorce
  14. Stereolab – Metronomic Underground (Wagon Christ Mix)
  15. Luke Vibert – Tick Tock
  16. Luke Vibert – Arrogance
  17. Luke Vibert – God
  18. Luke Vibert – Pricktat
  19. Wagon Christ – Treats In The Streets
  20. Luke Vibert – We Hear You
  21. Luke Vibert – Funkyacidstuff
  22. Luke Vibert – Prick Tat
  23. Luke Vibert – I Can Phil It
  24. Luke Vibert – Power Press
  25. Wagon Christ – Bend Over
  26. Kerrier District – Discogram
  27. Kerrier District – It’s The Disco
  28. Luke Vibert – I Love Acid
  29. Luke Vibert – Analord
  30. Wagon Christ – London Is A Country
  31. Luke Vibert – Flyover
  32. Kerrier District – (A2) 115 Bpm
  33. DJ Mink – Hey Hey! Can U Relate? (Luke Vibert Mix)
  34. 2 Player – Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Mix)
  35. Plug – Cut (’97 Remix)
  36. Amen Andrews – London
  37. Plug – Gangsta
  38. Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon (Luke Vibert Remix)
  39. Plug – Feelings
  40. Plug – DBC
  41. Luke Vibert – Don’t Fuck Around

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