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June 5, 2020

DJ Mix Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – All Originals – JUNE 5th, 2020

This week’s edition is all me…. literally. All ME and my productions (and with the Bittah Kru… Redboy – Mode Funk & Jonny Massif – Newman Stole My Car) I’ve had a hand in.

3 hrs of DJ Mixing my own tracks. Was quite a bit of fun and I still had more I could have played!

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Runtime: 2 hrs 55 minutes


  1. Prepared
  2. Searching
  3. Arrival
  4. Killing In Mind
  5. Cope
  6. Bittah Kru – Mode Funk
  7. Dirty
  8. Basic Challenge
  9. Slower Funk v3 (303 Acidpella)
  10. Revolver
  11. Street Beats
  12. DeeTroy
  13. Jeopardy/Culprit
  14. The Creepers
  15. FayTal
  16. Schnooks
  17. Stop and Frisk (SEMple Mix)
  18. Not Forgotten
  19. Do You Jack
  20. People (acid chuggah)
  21. Spookah (Remix)
  22. Offset
  23. Acid Felix
  24. Interstellar Bass Travel
  25. Chachos
  26. Bittah Ku – Newman Stole My Car
  27. Christian Zombie Vampires
  28. Enders
  29. Lament