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March 31, 2018

DJ Mix: Friday Throwdown with Benny Blanco® Live in the BASSMint – MacProMix – March 30th, 2018

For this Friday Mix Throwdown… I switched my setup once again as I try to refine the quality of the live streaming session and encoding process. I’ve been experience some intermittent audio glitching at times when running everything on a 2015 MacPro that I thought could handle the load of TRAKTOR and OBS Live Stream Encoding up to Twtich. It can.. but not when I add my touch of visual fx real time on the live cameras. Some of the trippy visual effects are processed using iGlasses. Some the Effects really take a hit on the CPU and that is when I’ll experience some of those audio glitches. No Bueno.

I have an old workhorse 2006 MacPro that has been semi recently decommissioned here at blancodisco because I updated to a 2015 iMac in 2017. This Mac Pro tops out at Mac OS 10.7.5. This is also a version that Traktor Scratch Pro 2 was released for and paired with the Native Instrument Z2 mixer at the time. I rejiggered some things in the BASSMint to setup this Beast of a Tower. The 2015 MacBookPro now focuses solely on Encoding / Streaming / Visual Effects / DJ Mixer Feed Input. I bumped up the visual encoding settings again to 4000 kbps and a 1280×720 resolution. Should look pretty sweet on connected devices (twitch app outputting to a TV screen). Most users are viewing on a web browser and incidentally, the 2006 MacPro can’t process the video when it’s live.

Here’s a post that explains the core setup.

Now.. the music in this mix… After a few warm up mellow tracks… I start out pretty high energy with some Nu School Breaks, Electro & Techno… From there, I drop it down quite a few BPMs to some downtempo breaky mellowness.A small stop at Transcentral which morphs to some trippy spacey nu disco. The Journey ends with a classic Sasha remix of Orbital and I close out with Minilogue’s hypnotic improvised jam. A bit longer mission this time around.


Runtime: 2 hr 36 min


Num. Title Artist Release Label
1 Natural High (Global Communications Remix) Warp 69 Natural High Flagbearer Records
2 So Weit Wie Noch Nie (ata – playhouse mix) Jurgen Paape So Weit Wie Noch Nie Kompakt
3 The Incredible PWEI Vs The Moral Majority Pop Will Eat Itself Cure For Sanity Cherry Red & Cherry Red
4 Poney Part I Vitalic Poney EP Remastered Different
5 Don’t Stop The Beat (Full Audio Version) Anthony Rother Don’t Stop The Beat Psi49net
6 Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Mix) Future Sound Of London, The Papua New Guinea 2001 Jumpin’ & Pumpin’
7 Pray For You (Lee Coombs Vocal Mix) Plump DJs Feat Gary Numan Pray For You (Lee Coombs Remixes) Finger Lickin’ Records
8 Skools Out (Vox Mix) DJ One Finger Niteclub Skool Missile Records
9 Groove La Chord (extended) Aril Brikha Deeparture In Time Transmat
10 Exposure (Jerome Remix) Electronic Resistance Exposure (Part 1) Såhkåtek
11 2 Track Mind G Flame / Henk Cameo Project – 1 Alpha Recordings
12 Rilis 06 B2 (Gateano Parisio Remix) Rino Cerrone Rilis Remixes Vol. 1 Rilis
13 Disco Rout (Original) Legowelt Disco Rout Cocoon Recordings
14 Speedlearn (Reformed By The Irresistible Force) Higher Intelligence Agency, The Colour Reform Beyond
15 Spanish Heart 808 State ex:el Salvo & ZTT
16 Bubble And Slide II Sabres Of Paradise, The Haunted Dancehall Warp Records
17 Surfing On A Rocket (Remixed By Joakim) (To The Smiling Sun Remix) AIR Surfing On A Rocket Virgin
18 Justified & Ancient (Stand By The Jams) The KLF Justified & Ancient Arista & Arista
19 Love Honey (Ilya Santana Remix) Sugardaddy Nang Presents: The Array Vol 1 Nang Records
20 Unfinished Sympathy (Perfecto Mix) Massive Attack Int gral CD 02
21 Where I Belong (Ewan & Al’s Vocal) Swag Where I Belong (Remixes) Version
22 +91 Ahead Session 3.5 John Daly Version Chaton , John Daly +91 Ahead Session 3 Plak Records
23 Don’t Turn It Off (Brennan Green Mix) 40 Thieves Permanent Vacation – Selected Label Works N°1 Permanent Vacation
24 Life’s A Beach! (Todd Terje Beach House Mix) Studio (2) Life’s A Beach! Information
25 Your Silent Face New Order Retro London Records
26 Boing, Boom, Jack! Trans Mania Boing, Boom, Jack! Gomma
27 Dirty (PPF ‘Break For Daze’ Dub) RüF Dug Dirty The Popular People’s Front
28 Coach Me (Again And Again) In Flagranti / Black Devil Black Sunshine LoEB
29 Good As Gold (Original) Tiga Good As Gold [PIAS] Recordings
30 Midnight (Sasha Remix) Orbital Midnight / Choice FFRR
31 Everything Is All You’ve Got Minilogue Blomma Cocoon Recordings