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March 18, 2018

DJ Mix: Friday Throwdown with Benny Blanco® Live in the BASSMint – March 16th, 2018

benny blanco loop gif

For this Friday Mix Throwdown… I busted out the MidiFighters as people had been asking about those cool looking things with all the classic Sanwa arcade buttons sitting above my DJ mixer. I wanted to show folks that I can dj with these un-labeled buttons just like I do with Turntables.

Unfortunately the mapping I had loaded up was a little outdated as the Traktor DJ software has been updated a few times and some of the FX mappings were off and therefore some of the delay and beat stutter tricks did not work on this set. I have since corrected that as of today and the next MidiFighter set will be a bit more ‘Glitched Out’.

I’m still getting some drop outs/stutters while mixing and trying to capture video. I am continually trying to improve the stability of the streaming production on the 2015 MacBookPro. I’ve lowered the overall output video bitrate to 3000 from 3500. The following day from playing this set, I tried to bump down the overall video screen real estate resolution to 960×540 which I don’t really want to do for folks that DO like to put this up on their TVs… it will look a bit more pixelated. Audio tops out on Twitch at 160 kbps. but seems to sound pretty good to my ears, as long the computer doesn’t hit a CPU spike. I think another option I need to consider is to keep Chrome CLOSED and if there’s any chatting to do… type it out on my phone or an iPad instead. I can also view my Twitch statistics on the iOS app.

Anyway.. the music. why you are hopefully here… and co-incidentally.. this mix like my last one is also clocking in at 1 hr 48 minutes. This is mainly house vibe… goes kinda of deep with a bit of acid and techno bits thrown in. Starts mellow, builds up and ends deep. Had to go pick up the wife whom was bring home dinner!

Runtime: 1 hr 48 min


Num. Title Artist Release Label
1 Reversal Input Random Factor Reversal Input 20:20 Vision
2 Lovelee Dae (Isolée Remix) Blaze Lovelee Dae (Part Two) Playhouse
3 Claro Intelect Side a 1 Claro Intelecto Claro Intelecto – Unknown Album
4 (A2) Kebab Lounge Loudtone Moon Gas E.P. Mantra Vibes
5 Just Gazing In Flagranti Just Gazing Kill The DJ Records
6 Moldavia Front 242 Tyranny >For You< Epic
7 Night Shift (John Daly Remix) Beat Broker, The My Way Or The Highway Flexx
8 Death Is King (Soulrider Remix) Douglas McCarthy Kill Your Friends Pylon Records (2)
9 Aganjú (Spiritual South Sub Rub Vocal) Bebel Gilberto Aganjú (Spiritual South Remixes) Atlantic
10 Sun Sugar Âme Âme Sonar Kollektiv
11 Marbella Dub Marius Circus Marbella Full Pupp
12 Teorema Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca Podalirius Nang Records
13 08. Mike Shannon – Regalos de Pandora.mp3 Mike Shannon Memory Tree Plus 8 Records Ltd.
14 (AA2) CSM1 Selway Untitiled CSM
15 Realtered States 1 Ron Trent States EP Cajual Records
16 Chacaron Unknown Artist Herbal Essence 004 Herbal Essence
17 Fresh Start (Joshua House Mix) Terra Deva NRK ReMasters – The Collection NRK Sound Division
18 Can’t Stop Inland Knights Family Duals (Part 1) NRK Sound Division
19 Slid (Modwheel Mix) Fluke Squirt Circa Records Ltd.
20 Metroride (One Way Trip) Swag Diversions Part One Version
21 Itz Not Over Hardfloor Four Out Of Five Aliens Recommend This Hardfloor
22 The Sinner In Me (Ricardo Villalobos Conclave Remix) Depeche Mode Sinner In Me / Tides Not On Label (Depeche Mode)
23 Deepest America (Samuel Davis Dark Groove Mix) Sascha Dive The Basic Collective EP (Part 2 Of 3) deep vibes recordings
24 Speechless (Sandy Rivera Remix) Mish Mash (2) Feat Lois Speechless (Remixes) Crosstown Rebels
25 Vuoi Vuoi (Henrik Schwarz Rmx) Mari Boine Henrik Schwarz Live Studio !K7
26 Music Sounds Better With You (Eat More Cake remix) Stardust Music Sounds Better With You
27 Can’t Take It (Carl Craig Mix) Recloose Can’t Take It (Remixes) Planet E
28 Universal Love (Âme Rootdown Round Midnite Mix) Trüby Trio Klubbjazz Sessions Seven Slip ‘n’ Slide