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March 7, 2018

DJ Mix: Friday Throwdown with Benny Blanco® – October 7th, 2017

I had performed a few more Friday Night Throwdowns in late 2017 and I’m finally getting around to posting them.

For this home studio session back in October 2017, I went with a deeper techno vibe that I hadn’t played out in a while along with a few ‘trancier’ and Electro cuts.

Running Time:
1 hour 58 minutes


Num. Title Artist Release
1 Solid Fuel Berkana Sowelu Solid Fuel
2 Hyper-Ballad (Subtle Abuse Mix) Björk Hyper-ballad
3 Sinosphere Steve Rachmad AKA Sterac Sinosphere
4 Never Forget D’Wachman My Sound
5 Prayer Stick (Trans-Electric) Martian 044 Prayer Stick
6 Naked Body (0xia Rmx) Millimetric Electronic Waves
7 Fenness G Flame & Mr. G Who Knows !? G
8 Pimping People In High Places (Gigi Galaxy Mix) Gary Martin Pimping People In High Places
9 Bonus Beast Thomas Schumacher Tainted Schall
10 3rd Stone From The Sun Third Electric 3rd Stone From The Sun
11 Beast Pob Boiler / Beast
12 Dominica F2 Dominica
13 03 – Zeta Reticula – EP 1 B1 Zeta Reticula EP 1
14 (B1) Style Tones_CSM3 Selway Slide Into Your Space
15 Electrosmog Third Electric 3rd Stone From The Sun
16 Truti Temponauta Truti
17 Stomping Grounds 2 DJ Skull Stomping Grounds
18 Marathon Aubrey Marathon
19 Czech Da Flute Dano Czech Da Flute
20 (B) JS-01R JS JS-01(R)
21 Return of the Zombie Bikers Mathew Jonson Return of the Zombie Bikers (W
22 Journey Home Drexciya The Journey Home
23 Different Faces Shinedoe Seek And You Will Find
24 Falling Up (Mix 1) Theo Parrish Falling Up (Technasia Rmx)
25 Isotope Deetron Isotope EP
26 Mirage Skudge Overture / Mirage
27 Domina (Maurizio Mix) Maurizio Domina
28 Evacuation (Skudge’s Evacuated Version) Aubrey Evacuation / Shimmer
29 Goose Swayzak Goose / Hectical