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September 27, 2015

Track: The Harvest Moon

Today (09.27.15) marks this year’s harvest moon rising in north america.

Outside of the science, this is the first track I’ve produced using Elektron’s new Overbridge technology. It was a breeze to track both A4 and RYTM as a Jam session in one pass as individual tracks into Ableton Live all without a soundcard and just 2 usb cables using the Elektron supplied Control Panel and VST plugins. I’d say the quality is just fine (44.1khz 16bit for what my computer was able to handle). These were the only two instruments used in the entire track. After the long jam session, I simply edited things down, added some EQ, compression and a few return fx (reverbs, delay) to polish off the mix. I hope you enjoy the results of this simple diddy while looking up into the sky.