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April 9, 2011

TraktorPro2 Sample Deck Mapping for Korg Nano Kontrol (Decks 3 & 4)

Traktor Pro 2 - Korg Nano Kontrol - Instructions Screenshot Grab Hey Everybody, as suggested in a DJ Tech Tools Forum post, I decided to finally complete my Traktor Pro 2 Sample Deck Mapping for Decks 3 & 4 for the Korg Nano Kontrol. I thought that trying to add this new functionality into an already crammed feature filled Vestax VCI-100 (with 1.4 firmware) would be a little much. We will of course wait and see what the brilliant minds at the DJ Tech Tools Laboratories come up with and this template may end up going to waste for those that have that controller. For others, you may still see a benefit of using a dedicated Sample Deck controller using your Korg Nano Kontrol… Here you go, Enjoy!


*UPDATED* 7.11.11: I fixed one minor bug in Scene 1. Sample Deck 3 in Sample Slot 2 was missing the /2 and *2 loop length changes on the buttons. TSI is now at 1.1 inside the zip file.

Contents include the TSI to import into TraktorPro2 and a quick 2 page PDF explaining the mapping. I had to end up using two channels for a Sample Deck Slot in Traktor to get enough of the controls I wanted to tweak up font. That meant I required 2 Scenes for Deck 3 and then Deck 4. I suppose I could do some sort of lighter or basic mapping on Scene 4 as it is currently unused at the moment to fit both Sample Decks 3 and 4 .

Sample Deck Controls.

Scene 1 and 2 Control Sample Deck 3 and 4 Respectively.
Channels 1 & 2 on the Korg Nano Kontrol affect Sample Slot 1,
Channels 3 & 4, Sample Slot 2
Channels 5 & 6, Sample Slot 3
Channels 7 & 8, Sample Slot 4

Filter Sweep
Sample Start/Stop
Loop/1 Shot Mode
Loop Length
Double Loop Length
Half Loop
Length Reset

Channel 9, Loop Recorder

Controls: Loop Length
Dry/Wet Mix
Start/Stop of Looper
Record Loop On

The Korg Nano Kontrol’s Global Transport buttons, I mapped ‘Forward’ and ‘Record’ to Sample Deck 3 Group Play/Stop and Sample Deck 4 Group Play/Stop. These are available across any scene (1-4).

Scene 3, Clear and Load Samples and Filter On/Off
Each Channel represents one Deck’s Sample Slot. Deck 3 Slots 1-4 and Deck 4 Slots 1-4

Filter On/Off
Store Loop In Slot
Clear Loop
Copy From Loop Recorder

The Korg’s Preset is the default mapping shipped from the factory, I did not alter any of the midi mappings using the Korg Editor at all.