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January 2, 2011

New Year, New Mix. Winter Mix 2011

benny blanco winter mix 2011 cover image

The story of Winter Mix 2011. I took advantage of being awake on New Year’s Eve after the ball dropped and Wife and Son fell asleep to get into the groove. Call it the Champagne for keeping me awake til 4 am (we are great friends). I had been contemplating this mix since mid December about what tracks may be nice for a blancodisco winter-themed dj mix. I mean, it had been ages since I’ve produced a mix for the masses to consume. I slowly collected tracks one by one over a few weeks and vacation that I thought would be fitting for the wintery groove. It was more downtempo and bell like in tones. But I knew I need to peak or get to that Underworld track, “Always loved a film”. One of my favorites this year. Don’t know what it is about that song, but, it just gets me and takes me back to a time where I once was, but this track was just yesterday. After peaking there, I tried to sustain the mood a tad longer and after that, the track selection was pretty freeform and not so pre-meditated. I just knew I wanted to continue playing music, and the result is the recording we have below.

Benny Blanco® – Winter Mix 2011 (recorded New Year’s Day, 2011)

Num Title Artist Release Label

1 Any Second Now (Altered) Depeche Mode Just Can’t Get Enough Mute

2 Any Second Now (Voices) Depeche Mode Speak & Spell (Collectors Edition) Mute

3 Camilla – The Old, Old Story Art Of Noise, The In Visible Silence Chrysalis

4 Speilplatz (Quiet Village Deep Space Remix) Mudd Speilplatz (Quiet Village Deep Space Remix) Rong Music

5 5 23 Global Communication 76:14 Dedicated

6 Past Sub Sub Coast EP Robs Records

7 Bubbaluba Renegade Soundwave Howyoudoin? Elektra

8 Just can’t sleep (Azari & III version) Aikiu, The Just Can’t Sleep Abracada Records

9 + 91 Ahead 2 (Ripperton’s Los Barrios Mix) Chaton, Raphaël Ripperton + 91 Ahead Session 2 Plak Records

10 Land Of Oz (Emerald City Mix) Spooky Land Of Oz / Don’t Panic Tribal America

11 Vamp (Prins Thomas Diskomix) Outlander In Order To Dance Remix Sampler Vol. 1 R & S Records

12 Your Silent Face Burglar Tom Burglar Tom EP 1 Not On Label

13 Always Loved A Film Underworld Barking Traffic Inc.

14 DK Remix 2 (K) Adam Beyer Remainings III Drumcode

15 Nexus In Control John Tejada Disruption A13

16 New Europa Bochum Welt Program 11 Elypsia

17 Equality Howard Jones Human’s Lib Elektra

18 Some Assembly Required Solvent Solvent City Morr Music

19 Tag (Munk Edit) Bernward Büker Bande Teutonik Disaster Gomma

20 Systematix Advent, The Max Out EP Kombination Research

21 Marionette (The Beginning) Mathew Jonson Agents Of Time Wagon Repair Ltd.

22 Messinger Compass Compass 3 Cabinet Records

23 N2 Erphun Diatomic EP Sleaze Records

24 Teaser No Regular Play Slide Away EP Wolf & Lamb Music

25 Love Honey (Ilya Santana Remix) Sugardaddy Nang Presents: The Array Vol 1 Nang Records

26 Caprice Bogdan Irkuk The Coastal EP Rollerboys Recordings

Tech Specs:
Recorded in 1 take in TraktorPro with a Vestax VCI-100SE (1.4 firmware if you are in the know) and a MidiFighter controller. Sorry, no old school 1200’s on this mix.
100 minutes / 232 mb / 320kbps enhanced podcast with chapter, artwork and links to discogs


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