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August 28, 2010

Excellent Heaven 17 / B.E.F. Documentary

Came across this sort of by accident by reading an article on the blog… (an 80’s college rock band blog, it’s good).

Anyway, this documentary covers the formation of the band with Glen and Martyn being on camera. Unfortunately, one of the members, Ian, didn’t want to be a part of the Heaven 17 efforts anymore. Really down to earth view of the band. The documentary’s main focus is the making of the Penthouse and Pavement album and how it came to be. Not a studio/geek look, but the real life story outside of the studio. Also, a nice bit on how the split of the original Human League went down too with Phil Oakey.

If yer fan.. check out all 6 parts on youtube on VideodromeDisco’s Channel. Tons of other clips there too.

After watching, I actually felt sort of inspired to be creative again.. so… I must find something to do!

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