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August 12, 2010

Yet Another Multi-Touch Screen DJ Interface to share

This video is a student’s senior thesis project on a proposed new dj system. Don’t know for sure what the engine is in the background as I doubt they also engineered there own DJ App. However, I have a hunch that it may be Serato given the fx names/types in the demo where this interface overlays the real dj software in the background. I’m highlighting this work because it shows yet more innovation in the space of new touch screen dj controllers. I’m not too keen on this interface for control myself, but I do like the minimal design look. The video brushes upon feeling a little hipster-ish. They try to promote that all a DJ should have to bring to a gig is a drive. But, that should already be the case today and it isn’t yet. Even with all the proliferation of laptop dj’s out there today, decks, cdj and analog mixers are still the main installs you see out and about at venues, not computers/laptops with an audio interface.

Multi Touch Light Table: GERGWERK from GERG WERK on Vimeo.

UPDATE (08.14.10):
DJ Tech Tools have just published article going more in depth behind the scenes with this DJ Concept. The video is essentially a hoax and the actual audio you hearing is not tied to a fully working touch screen interface. So…. not quite there yet technologically yet.