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May 25, 2009

DJ Feed : Livestream

Check out my new DJ Feed Page.

I’ll begin posting some mix archives on here and every so often i’ll microblog to you all when I may be doing a live impromptu session here in the blancodisco.

livestream broadcast screenshot

I finally had a moment to work out a few more kinks from Mogulus’, now, Livestream broadcasting software. They have a pretty impressive array of tools. The software is now in ‘beta’ even though they offer a “Pro” version. The forums are a little light on info… as I was trying to figure out way to get express install working in case people didn’t have the right version of flash available to no avail.

I suppose my biggest technical feat was figuring out how to easily pipe in a good clean audio signal without creating an audio feedback loop. This is what I did… I took the digital optical s/pdif out of my Edirol FA-101 (it runs through a few other digital hardware boxes in my rack) and then route back into the native optical s/pdif digital input on my Mac (quad core tower). In the Audio/Midi setup under the Audio Tab, I created a new ‘aggregated device’ and simply only selected the digital input which does not have surprisingly map to the digital output. so, right here, this pretty much prevented a feedback loop with the audio occurring.

In livestream, under the audio preferences, I selected the aggregated device for my input source and adjusted the ‘mic’ level. when I went into live broadcast or record mode, i also turned off audio montioring.