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November 30, 2008

Coolish Nu Disco Documentary I came across

Found these clips while trying to search for some ‘Nu Disco’ blogs about the artists and this ‘scene’ where modern artists are kicking out retro sounding jams, be it originals or ‘re-edits’.

The vids feature interviews with artists Duncan who’s 1/2 of Mock & Toof, DJ Stephen of Aeroplane/Eskimo Recordings, Lindstrom from Norway and Steve Kotey of Chicken Lips/Bizarre Inc. It’s interesting how some still pray to the vinyl and others have moved on. But what I found most interesting is that the ‘scene’ more or less some say has grown specifically because of the use of the web. Blogs & Social Networks being the distribution networks but are still Die Hard enough to press up a few hundred to a couple of thousand on vinyl.