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June 19, 2007

June 2007 AOL Radio/Podcast Tracklisting for “Just Beat It”

Forgot to do this earlier…

here’s the tracklist to this month’s mix.

You can of course fairly easy find my blancocast podcast on the iTunes music store, but, you can also simply subscribe to this url here:

and.. on AOL Radio DJ Sets preset:

Benny Blanco®
AOL Radio June 07 : Just Beat It Pt.1
Title | Artist | Release | Label | Country

1 (A1) CSM1 Selway Untitiled [CSM-1] US
2 Hay Consuelo (Samim Remix) Pier Bucci Familia Remix EP2 (CDS) [Crosstown Rebels CRM 031] UK
3 Get Ya Dub On Switch Freerange Records Colour Series: Yellow 01 [Freerange Records FRCD 8] UK
4 Hustler Simian Mobile Disco Hustler KITSUN° 036
5 Hot And Cold Lincoln Six Echo The Park Plaza [Play. Plastic City PLAY006-8] Germany
6 (B1) 1-2-3 Miami (Selway Rapture Mix) Jackass & Mule 1-2-3 Miami [Xylophone Jones Recordings XJR 401] US
7 A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy for Ever Technasia Popsoda Technasia Records TA104CD] Hong Kong
8 (B1) Style Tones Selway Slide Into Your Space [CSM-3] US
9 (B1) Bubble Synapse Auto Kinetic vs. Synapse [Serotonin SER002] US
10 Morse Code From the Cold War Dieter Schmidt The Count / Morse Code From The Cold War [Kitsuné Music KITSUN 020] France
11 GC & SueCieD (Kooky Scientist Summer MIX) Gold Chains / Sue Cie D unreleased mix
12 (A2) Brain Leech (Bugged Mind Instrumental) Alex Gopher Brain Leech [Go 4 Music G04.04EP] France
13 Mace Blu Mar Ten Abacus 12″ [Guidance Recordings GDR096] US
14 (A2) Electro Madness Skatebard Flashes In The Night [Digitalo Enterprises DENT001] Norway




Benny Blanco®
AOL Radio June 07 : Just Beat It Pt.2
Title | Artist | Release | Label | Country

15 (A) A Bit Patchy (Club Mix) Switch A Bit Patchy [Data Records DATA 114T] UK
16 (B1) Afro Dizzi Act (Dylan Rhymes Voyage) Cry Sisco! Afro Dizzi Act [Underdog Records U-DOG004] UK
17 The Return Of Jimi Fingers Ft. Jimi Polar Rephrase Little Victories [FOOWLCD001] Australia
18 Acid Wave (Ol’ School Acid Breaks Mix) Onionz Featuring Benny Blanco® on 303’s 12″ unreleased track
19 Feel For You (B2) Hustle Atheletics Hustle Athletics EP [Love Recordings (Breakz) LOVEBRKZ 002] UK
20 San Francisco (A2) Hustle Atheletics Hustle Athletics EP [Love Recordings (Breakz) LOVEBRKZ 002] UK
21 (AA) He’s So Hot Right Now Tom Real vs. The Rogue Element He’s So Hot Right Now / Resistance 06 [Functional Breaks FB 038] UK
22 Kickback (Back 2 Back EP) Soul of Man Back 2 Back EP [Finger Lickin’ Records FLR040] UK
23 (A) Bong Makesome Breaksome Bong [Plank Records PLANK016] UK
24 This Is My Party (soul of man) Drive Red 5 This Is My Party [Vinyl Addiction VA011] UK
25 Breakin On The Streets (false prophet remix) Stir Fry 12″ [Kilowatt Recordings KWTT002] UK
26 Drifter Monobrow 12″ [Planet City Records PCR 003] UK
27 Pray for You (Lee Coombs Vocal Mix) (A) Plump DJ’s (feat. Gary Numan) Pray For You Lee Coombs Remixes [Finger Lickin’ Records FLR45(2)] UK