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September 16, 2007

The Boys In Blue Mix : Tyler and Papa near the decks…

Getting a lil You Tube happy this week with some home vids I had sitting around… enjoy the “ya . ya. ya. ya. yasss”

September 14, 2007

Tyler and his Folder Freakout!

so, shot this one morning and thought it was funny and that I should finally throw it up here, on the ol’ you tube.

August 7, 2004

Moving Fridays Moving Forward

okay, so what have i been doin over the past couple months. with not a blog entry in site? was working at a small agency called Creative Priority since the beginning of the year. But, as the summer wained on, business started to move to a crawl and i was growing a lil grumpier day […]

August 6, 2004

am i alive?

hey. this is just a test to see if my blog is still running after i was infilatrated by brazilians. seriously, the site was hacked a few months ago and it affected all the index pages on my site. ewwWWwww. F’ers. now playing: B1 Setup (bushwacka!) from the album “12”” by Tokamak

February 2, 2004


Recording from the phoenix landing January 2002 where the Patriots beat the Rams

December 11, 2003

New Hosting Server

So after many many a year of having services hosted at, i felt it was about time to do some competitive shopping. I’ve since found a new hosting provider. and found quite a deal compared to what i was previously getting. for $14 a month paid in 6 month chunks, i get […]