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July 10, 2020

DJ Mix Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – 3hrs of UNDERWORLD – JULY 10th, 2020


What a lot of fun that was…


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Next week’s set on deck… Chemical Brothers.

Runtime: 3 hrs 10 minutes


1 Brilliant Yes That Would Be
2 Tongue
3 Front 242 – Happiness (Dub Mix By Underworld)
4 Glory! Glory!
5 Doot-Doot
6 Scribble
7 Can You Feel Me? (From A4796)
8 One Dove – Why Don’t You Take Me (Underworld Remix)
9 River Of Bass
10 Ring Road
11 M. E.
12 Bruce Lee
13 Birdstar (A1558 Nov 92b.1)
14 Bjork – Human Behaviour (Underworld Mix)
15 Moon In Water
16 Mmm… Skyscraper I Love You
17 Dirty
18 108 Grand – Te Quiero (darren emerson underworld remix)
19 Eagles Prey – Tonto’s Drum (Darren Emerson Remix)
20 Gat Decor – Passion (D. Emerson Edit)
21 Mmm Skyscraper I Love You (From Barcelona With Love Remix)
22 Peggy Sussed (Peter Heller Dub)
23 Crocodile
24 Dinosaur Adventure 3D (Chicken Lips Adventure Version)
25 Why, Why, Why
26 Gus Gus – David (Darren Emerson’s Underwater Remix)
27 Push Upstairs (Roger S. Blue Plastic People Mix)
28 Always Loved A Film
29 Dark & Long (Dark Train Mix)
30 King Of Snake (Fatboy Slim Remix)
31 Born Slippy .NUXX ,
32 Jumbo
33 T-World – Anthem