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August 16, 2007


PART 2 PART 2 PART 2 of the August Guitar And Keys titled Sessions is now Here!

This set is more on the KEYS side of things. I’m quite excited with all the downloads of the podcast this month thus far. The sound is just spreading like a…. Thanks.

Will somebody just write a review for the iTunes Music Store where the podcast sits already?
C’mon, don’t be shy.

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Continuing where Part 1 leaves off of the August Sessions, we begin to steer clear of the Retro Disco sounds to the more techy and electronic type vibe. Loads of Newer Releases here spanning the globe!

Just checkout that Tracklist.

Benny Blanco®
AOL Radio August 07 : Guitar And Keys Pt.2
Title | Artist | Release | Label | Country

13 (B) Lies Paul Woolford The Truth / Lies [20:20 Vision VIS146] UK
14 (A) Dark Files Baldelli & Dionigi Present Cosmicdiba 2007 [Gomma Gomma 094] Germany
15 (A) Yes No Egg The Emperor Machine Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise Part 1 [D.C. Recording DC59] UK
16 (A) Me Resuelve (Original) Nick & Danny Chatelain Me Resuelve [Bambossa Records BAM09] US
17 (A) The Truth Paul Woolford The Truth / Lies [20:20 Vision VIS146] UK
18 (B) Son Of The Beat Glitches A Night With Tobeunderground [Defrag Sound Processing DFRG_22] Italy
29 (A) The Last Bounce (Original Mix) Lee Van Dowski The Last Bounce EP [Num Records NUM10] Switzerland
20 (A2) Telze (PLAEX rmx) Max Brannslokker Aerobica EP [Salto Recordings salto 02] Germany
21 (B) Career Changer (Shooshine’s Extended) Caie! Career Changer [Anny-Jack Recordings ANJA 012] Germany
22 (A) And More GTMK And More / Brainaqua [GTMK 000-6] Germany
23 (A) Thick As Thieves WINK Thick As Thieves [Poker Flat Recordings PFR84] Germany
24 (B) Brainaqua GTMK And More / Brainaqua [GTMK 000-6] Germany
25 (B1) Anything Groovy (Remix) Guido Schneider Anything Groovy / Nara [Casbah Rec! CASBAH001] Italy
26 (B) Goatee The Rice Twins Can I Say / Goatee [K2 K2/26] Germany
27 (B2) Bye Bye C64 Maximilian Skiba Beginning EP [Eva Records EVA 006] France

Well, I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of this month’s selections and mixin.
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