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May 17, 2024

DJ Mix – Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – 90s Techno & House – May 17th, 2024

90s’ Techno & House
1 hr 44 min

Back on the decks after a few weeks off, but also a shorter session than normal as I was phoned to pick up my son at school after spending the day at Six Flags riding roller coasters all day. Nonetheless, went into this set just wanting to play some 90s Techno and House jams. Was hoping to dig into the actual vinyl archive lying about in the basement, but I had a ton already digitized tracks ready to go in that 129 – 133 BPM range. Few dodgy mixes here and there, but fairly tight for the most part.

During the performance it was fun to see some familiar faces pop up in the chat from my Boston base back in the 90s. Tracklist below…


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Runtime: 1 hr 44 minutes


24 bit 48 khz aac recording

24 bit 48 khz wav recording


  1. JS – JS-01R
  2. Gary Martin – Pimping People In High Places (Woodward Ave. Alternative Mix)
  3. GTMK – And More
  4. Slam – Lie To Me (Freestyle Man Thirsty Monk Remix)
  5. Nagano Kitchen – GSXR 810
  6. Maurizio – Q4 (A)
  7. Booka Shade – Mandarin Girl
  8. 100 Hz – Whisper
  9. Steve O’Sullivan & Ricardo Villalobos – Sullric (Deeper Dub)
  10. Skudge – Below
  11. Seelenluft – I Can See Clearly Now (Tiga Remix)
  12. Philippe B vs. Todd Terry – Can You Feel It (Can You Party) (Club Mix)
  13. Ilija Rudman – Closer (Random Factor Remix)
  14. DJ Dan – Put That Needle Back On The Record (Peace Division Mix)
  15. Lekan Babalola – Kabioye (Phil Asher’s Restless Soul Remix)
  16. Swag – 2+2 = 5
  17. X-Press 2 – Rock 2 House (Plastikman Acid House Remix)
  18. Pete Moss – R U Serious
  19. Jamiroquai – Canned Heat (Spooky Remix)
  20. Mr. G – My Father’s Farda (G’s Sound Boyz Dub)
  21. Johnny Corporate – Sunday Shoutin’ (B.Boy’s Shoutin’ Dub)
  22. Isolée – Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Reform Parts I & II)
  23. Inland Knights – Over Night
  24. Annie – Heartbeat (Alan Braxe Remix)
  25. Chicken Lips – Do It Proper (Justin Robertson Remix)
  26. DJ Linus – Who Stole The Soul (Main Cut)
  27. Phil Kieran & Bush Tetras – Snakes Crawl (DJ Hell Remix)
  28. KC Flight vs. Funky Junction – Voices (PMT Remix)
  29. Sedona – Pulsation (Ascending)


April 25, 2024

DJ Mix – Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – House Techno Trance 130 BPMish – April 26th, 2024

House Techno Trance 130 BPMish
2 hrs 40 min

Orbital had recently released a Remaster of their classic Debut Album, the ‘Green’ Album and that was the impetus for starting this week’s set with 2 back to back Orbital tracks, but another track from much later in their Discography appears near set’s end.

Overall the set is quite varied mixing Techno House Progressive House Breaks Detroit and Minimal Dub Techno grooves. Was a fun mix to do this Friday. Some fun Retro Visuals to boot as well.

Catch the free download below.


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Runtime: 2 hrs 40 minutes


24 bit 48 khz aac recording

24 bit 48 khz wav recording


  1. Orbital – The Box

  2. Orbital – The Moebius

  3. Horseshoe – (B2) Collage

  4. Richard Brown – You’ve Got to Stand Up (Original Rude Mix)

  5. Random Factor – What I Need (Chicken Lips)

  6. G Flame & Mr. G – Tell Him

  7. Vudu – The Calling’ (The P.Haywood Skipbeat Mix)

  8. Objekt – Theme From Q

  9. Orlando Voorn – Paco Di Bango’s World (Vocal)

  10. DJ Technique – My Definition (Lee Coombs Acid House Electro Remix)

  11. Skudge – Sandblast

  12. Roswell – One Nation (Original Mix)

  13. Maurizio – Domina (Maurizio Mix)

  14. Ricardo Villalobos – Easy Lee (Random Factor Remix)

  15. Lanark Artefax – Glasz

  16. Objekt – Needle & Thread

  17. Carl Craig – The Climax (Original)

  18. Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym (Foremost Poets Vocal Remix)

  19. Peter Heller – Time Warp (Beat Pharmacy Mix)

  20. Digital Domain – I Need Relief

  21. Firefly – Supernatural (Original St. Louis Mix)

  22. Paranoid London With Simon Topping – Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me) (Club Mix)

  23. Son Of God – Harmania (Steve’s Orange Peel Mix)

  24. RX-101 – The Quest For Ganymedes

  25. Nathan Coles – Buck Raas

  26. Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Mix 1)

  27. Detachments – H.A.L. (Andrew Weatherall Disco Dub)

  28. Vinyl Blair – The Trancespotter (Turbo Nation Trance Groove)

  29. Salt Tank – Swell (Orinoco)

  30. Aubrey – Marathon

  31. Orbital – The Girl With The Sun In Her Head

  32. The Streets – It’s Too Late

  33. The Stone Roses – Fools Gold (Grooverider’s Mix)


April 12, 2024

DJ Mix – Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – 80s 90s Nu-Disco Industrial – April 12th, 2024









80s 90s Nu-Disco Industrial
2 hrs 49 min

The bulk of my Friday Throwdown Audience are People from my day job here at Disney. They like to tune into my sets on Friday as a bulk of them are on the west coast and have something to look forward to gearing up for the weekend and close out the workday. I do have a few loyal East Coasters followers like Seefurst, ewordnyc on Twitch who almost always tune in and hang out for almost the entire show. Kudos.

These type of sets are the type that my work crowd seem to gravitate too the most whereas my old Boston/617 and NYC Crews prefer the more House/Techno/Progressive House Electronics ones. The sets are theraputic for me as I get a chance to unwind doing something I love all from the comfort of my own basement cranking the volume and bass up loud to no worry of a neighbor asking me to turn it down.

These type of sets are fun to play, but I can’t play them every week, I need to change it up a little.

Sweet downloads await you at the bottom of this post for your run, walk, workout or something to groove out and sing to during your work day. Take it easy. 80s New Wave 90s Manchester & Industrial classics, take it away. Snag the free downloads below.



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Runtime: 2 hrs 49 minutes


24 bit 48 khz aac recording

24 bit 48 khz wav recording


  1. Depeche Mode – Agent Orange

  2. Gary Numan & The Tubeway Army – Down In The Park

  3. Tones on Tail – Real Life

  4. Propaganda – Dream Within A Dream (Live)

  5. Monsoon – Ever So Lonely (Extended MIx)

  6. New Order – Cries and Whispers

  7. Inxs – All The Voices

  8. Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Atari Baby

  9. OMD – Electricity

  10. Ministry – She’s Got A Cause

  11. Missing Persons – Mental Hopscotch

  12. The B-52’s – Devil’s In My Car

  13. Joy Division – Digital

  14. Devo – Time Out For Fun

  15. Soft Cell – Down In the Subway

  16. The Beat – What’s Your Best Thing?

  17. The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

  18. The Cure – Pictures of You (Extended Re-mix)

  19. Wire Train – Chamber of Hellos

  20. The The – Infected (12” Remix)

  21. Happy Mondays – Hallelujah (Club Mix)

  22. Primal Scream – Come Together (BBG Remix)

  23. Pop Will Eat Itself – Wise Up Sucker (12” Version)

  24. One Dove – White Love (Meet The Professionals Dub)

  25. The Impossibles – The Drum (12” Mix)

  26. Chapterhouse – Pearl

  27. St. Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix of Two Halves)

  28. 808 State – Ooops

  29. Botany 5 – Love Bomb  (The Slam Production Mix)

  30. The Farm – Stepping Stone (Ghost Dance Mix)

  31. Stratus – Footprints

  32. Dutch Rhythm Combo – Cartagena (Ray Mang Mix)

  33. Death In Vegas – Witchdance Dub

  34. The Populists Aka Yan Wagner – Nu-Nu

  35. Randolph & Mortimer – Exclude / Divide

  36. Skinny Puppy – Last Call


April 5, 2024

DJ Mix – Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – Acid Trance Breaks – April 5th, 2024









Acid Trance Breaks
2 hrs 59 min

Fun upbeat mix with tons of acid trance and breaks. Quite a few classics, beauties and even a few post 2020 year material if you can believe it. The set actually opens with new material by Dream Hack (also goes by the handle Randolph & Mortimer for some wicked Industrial stuff). The Dream Hack project actually is playing tribute and homeage to some of the big trancier / progressive elecronic acts of the Early 90s. Anyway it was this new track that took me down the path for today’s energetic Breakbeat Haze.

Scroll a bit further down and you can scoop up some audio Downloads to place on your favorite digital player.



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Runtime: 2 hrs 49 minutes


24 bit 48 khz aac recording

24 bit 48 khz wav recording


  1. Dream Hack – White Heat / Acid City

  2. Paranoid London – Dunn 4 Money (Paranoid London Edit)

  3. Paranoid London – Steal & Adapt (OR)

  4. Ingator – Skyscratch (Mano Mano) (UR Mix)

  5. Dave Clarke – Stay Out Of The Light

  6. Masthaz of Phunk – That’s It (Jadell Mix)

  7. Different Gear vs. Sia – Drink To Get Drunk (Different Gear Mix)

  8. Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix)

  9. Zero 7 – Destiny (Photek Remix)

  10. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Original Version)

  11. Burglar Tom – Ken-El

  12. Front 242 – Work 01

  13. Freestylers – Falling (Stanton Warriors Dub Mix) – 4A – 130

  14. Si Begg – P1 Tek 2 Neu Anfang

  15. Zero Campioni – The Acid Healer

  16. Salt Tank – Orinoco

  17. Second Phase – Mentasm

  18. Orbital – Lush 3-3 (Underworld Mix)

  19. Damon Wild – Light

  20. Working Men’s Club – X (Minsky Rock Remix)

  21. Randolph & Mortimer – Society (Rendered Remix)

  22. Goitia Deitz – Flux

  23. Spooky – Relief

  24. Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix)

  25. Mathew Jonson – Decompression

  26. Blue Dot Technique, The – Exhale

  27. DJ Seduction – Hardcore Heaven

  28. Confidence Man – First Class Bitch (Working Men’s Club Remix)

  29. Robert Armani – Circus Bells (Remixed By Hardfloor)

  30. Leftfield . Bambaataa – Afrika Shox (VW Remix)

  31. New Order – Blue Monday-95 (Hardfloor Mix)

  32. Chemical Brothers, The – Get Up On It Like This

  33. Lee Coombs – Jam the Mace

  34. Krafty Kuts – Everybody’s Funkin’

  35. Koma & Bones – Northern Shuffle

  36. Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom (PFN vs. The Light)

  37. LFO vs. Plump DJ’s – Less Is More (mix)

  38. Special Request – Make It Real


February 2, 2024

DJ Mix – Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – EBM – Feb 2nd 2024









2 hrs 42 min

Dark Electro Aggro and Experimental. Went down a rabbit hole of finding some newer EBM type material. Stick with it though, the tracks are pretty fresh. If you hold out long enough, I’ll lighten the mood with Australia’s Confidence Man, a shoegazey Beatles Remix and closing out with a psychedelic mind bender wah wah dub outro.

Get that scroll wheel moving down below do you can download the audio mixes for some audio explorations.


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Runtime: 2 hrs 42 minutes


24 bit 48 khz aac recording

24 bit 48 khz wav recording


  1. Black Merlin – Manipulate

  2. Parasols – White Shadow

  3. Antoni Maiovvi – Love Magnetic (Junior Fairplay Remix)

  4. Inhalt – Programming (VALIS Remix)

  5. FunkinEven – Jupiter

  6. Saåad With Mondkopf – Last Love

  7. Polar Inertia – Antimatter

  8. Lost SoundBytes – Street Stalker

  9. Michel Amato – Trois Machines

  10. Michel Amato – Industrie Lourde

  11. Das Ding – Traction

  12. Dreams – Cutting Teeth

  13. Dreams – N.B.D.

  14. Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais – Crush On You

  15. Identified Patient – Vrouwe Fataal

  16. Jensen Interceptor – First Day

  17. Jensen Interceptor – Promise

  18. Mark Du Mosch – Jackpot

  19. Scientific Dreamz Of U – Self Assembly Of Myriad Heterostructures (Mick Wills Remix)

  20. Stallion’s Stud – Drowning In Oxygen

  21. Identified Patient – OCTrax

  22. Years of Denial – Crow

  23. Years of Denial – Body Map

  24. Years of Denial – Love Comes And Goes

  25. Years of Denial – Cold Blooded Hands

  26. Alberta Balsam – Saccharine Shine

  27. Confidence Man – Catch My Breath

  28. Confidence Man – Boyfriend (Repeat)

  29. Confidence Man – Holiday (Tame Impala Remix)

  30. Sinéad O’Connor – Mandinka

  31. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows (Leftside Wobble Edit)

  32. In Flagranti – Rainchild


January 12, 2024

DJ Mix – Friday Throwdown – Benny Blanco® – 1st for 2024 – January 12th, 2024

1st for 2024
2 hrs 15 min

I somehow managed to NOT capture my tracklist for this set, but I can give you a few highlights.


Act 1: Set opens up with a recently released recreation of the KLF’s What Time is Love by UK’s Special Request (aka Paul Woolford), not an official KLF label release, but fully blessed by the Ancient’s of MuMu. We next head down to another classic, and remastered release by none other than Richie Hawtin with his F.U.S.E album, Dimension Intrusion. This space post club come down tracks is a thing of beauty with all the THX-1138 movie samples dropped in.

Act 2: see us kicking up the Tempo EBM and Acid styles.

Act 3: strolls down the dustier funky slower chuggy space disco district in the 110 – 117 BPM tempo band clearly inspired by the one and only Andrew Weatherall.  RIP.

Lots of cool tracks to check out and as always, don’t forget to scroll down below to grab the audio files to drop your digital player of choice.


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Runtime: 2 hrs 15 minutes


24 bit 48 khz aac recording

24 bit 48 khz wav recording