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February 8, 2009

Nine Inch Nails continues to push new Music Business Models

I came across this video from a Music Conference (midiemnet) and thought it was pretty interesting and wanted to share. The gist is quite simple. Connect with your fans in interesting ways (Blogs, Contests, web community, free music giveaways say under creative commons licenses, etc) and then give them reasons to buy your various schwag (products that are un music related, special packaging on music products that are unique/limited).  Mike Masnick of whips through a 280 slide presentation in just 15 minutes using Trent Reznor/NIN as his example of a new music busienss model and how it has worked for him. It’s quite interesting how progressive Trent is continually evoloving and trying new techniques of promotion and gimmicks. It seems to be working for him. Granted, NIN, like a Radiohead were built to fame in the Traditional Music industry model with Major Label support, but they are both leading a new path and new direction. It works for these mega bands, because the masses already know them from being part of the old model. But somebody like myself who’s a nobody aside from my network of Facebook/MySpace/etc. friends is quite small in comparison. I just try to take it one fan at a time. I also can’t dedicate 100% this aspect of life.. or, hire a team to work/promote for me either, even if I did have the ideas and vision. But, that’s okay, I’m fine with being boutique for now.

I’d still like to grow my fan base and hear nice comments from around the world that they dig my music. I’d also love to see how this is working for small time artists and labels. The presenter says it can work for both big (obviousy) and small, but didn’t provide any examples of small, and that what I’d like to know.

Anyway, have at it…