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October 17, 2008

Traktor Scratch Pro Out Nov.1

I’m sure for most of my readers, this doesn’t matter, but it was exciting news for me today. Native Instruments will be releasing their next gen DJ Software, Traktor Scratch Pro on Nov.1st. Highlights include a boatload of new and really really cool fx, new GUI/Interface Design, Cover Flick (cover flow) to show artwork (Finally!) and auto beat gridding on import (see how good it really is).

My big gripe is the dropped support on initial release of the Native Mix Recorder. This is the functionality I use to record my Podcasts. It will be incorporated at some point, but just not on initial release. Shame.

Check out all the vids and stuff they made with Hawtin & Grandmaster flash and check out the warez, here:

  • Okay, I have the software now, been messing with it a little bit. Can somebody sort out a proper VCI-100 Profile for this? preferably.. one for the SE Edition 1.3 firmware.

    New GUI is great. fx are pretty sweet, Missing the old traktor 2 filter emulations. The vinyl scratch mode is not sounding so hot, but maybe because we haven’t seen a proper mapping yet.