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November 11, 2015

New Track: Something For My Love

Moody and Bittersweet. Synths abound per usual.

Devices used in making of this track in no particular order.

Roland JX-03 – Synth Bass and 8th Note Progression Stab
Dreadbox Erebus – Deep Bassline, Arp and Klonky Melody
Waldorf Streichfett – String Pads, duh
Elektron Analog Four – 2nd Bass, Counter Melody, Deep Dub Chord and Offkilter bass at the end
Elektron Analog RYTM – All Drums except for one retro clap sound
Legowelt’s SMACKOS CLAPERNICUS for some retro clap fills

September 27, 2015

Track: The Harvest Moon

Today (09.27.15) marks this year’s harvest moon rising in north america.

Outside of the science, this is the first track I’ve produced using Elektron’s new Overbridge technology. It was a breeze to track both A4 and RYTM as a Jam session in one pass as individual tracks into Ableton Live all without a soundcard and just 2 usb cables using the Elektron supplied Control Panel and VST plugins. I’d say the quality is just fine (44.1khz 16bit for what my computer was able to handle). These were the only two instruments used in the entire track. After the long jam session, I simply edited things down, added some EQ, compression and a few return fx (reverbs, delay) to polish off the mix. I hope you enjoy the results of this simple diddy while looking up into the sky.

July 25, 2015

Track: Electro Techno Styles… ‘Cubic Zirconia’

This is my first track with the newly acquired Dreadbox Erebus monosynth, hailing from Greece of all places. The bassline and the eerie drone noises came from that machine. The lead lines came from the Elektron Analog Four. A Waldorf Streichfett takes on ‘string’ duties. Drums were a combination of Elektron RYTM (808 synthesis and Samples), Analog Four (hats and a industrial sounding kick), XBase09 (909 like sounds0 and a few drum fills came from a DMX Drum kit in Ableton. On the remix, I saved the Oberheim SEM for the outro.

April 19, 2015

Track: Industrial Inspired, ‘I Know Of The Evil’

Here we have some retro sounding preachers hating on Rock n Roll on this quasi industrial style track. You’ve probably heard some of these before. Some nice FM synthesis bass sounds and brass stabs add some funk to the groove. A simple piano line adds light melodic contrast to the more angry and aggressive  tonal palette.

Using a combination of some hardware, Elektron Analog Four for 2 sounds, the rest of the sound creation is derived from found Samples and a few VSTi PlugIns, Reaktor, FM8, CS-80 and Kontakt ran inside of course my DAW, Ableton Live.


and a few hours later… I was able to whip up this REMIX version.

March 29, 2015

Electro Track, All The Tracking Stations Are Ready

Here’s my slice of a mellow Electro style jam. Dark Synth overtones and metallic drums pulse through this 105 groover.

Produced and Mixed @blancodisco, March 2015

March 15, 2015

Ohh, 80’s inspired instrumental track

This is a nu school attempt at 80’s Synthpop. A big throwback to CMI Fairlight Drums which you have heard on countless recordings and Big Epic Lush Synths with a glassy digital feel. The midtempo groove at 105 BPM rocks a steady FM bassline. There’s a 101 synth that creeps in to add some 90’s techno flavor alongside a female vocal sample that could be reminiscent of the classic Sun Electric track, ‘O Loco’. Dig In.

Everything @blancodisco Feb-March 2015