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January 23, 2011

Got You Some Techno Ringtones for your iPhone, as well as House, Electro, 80’s, Glam & Breaks ones too

Thought I’d share some ringtones I had edited down for my own iPhone usage and you may find useful to put onto yours. Most of these are my own vinyl or cd rips that I then truncated down in iTunes and exported out as m4r files. A few are original creations from me. There is […]

February 1, 2009

iTM DJ iPhone app works perfect with Traktor 3 & Pro Review

Wow. A killer DJ interface for use with Traktor 3/Pro is available for use on your iPhone/iPodTouch. This app has been out for a few weeks but I finally ponied up the $6 purchase. First off, I have NO qualms what so ever in doing so. Here’s my attempt at a review. I’ve also made […]

July 25, 2007

Finally… hack your own MP3 Ringtones into Apple’s iPhone!

I don’t even have an iPhone,but came across this in my morning rss feeds. This hack is a step by step and looks fairly easy on how to finally install your own mp3 files and make them your ringtones on your iPhone.