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April 15, 2009

Love ‘im, Hate ‘im Trent Reznor’s chat with Digg’s Kevin Rose….

is an entertaining glimpse into Trent’s (NIN) world focusing mostly on Music Business/State of the Industry sort of questions with a little fluff thrown in for good measure.

He speaks more in depth what NIN has done and is doing currently, and even offers advice on how to go about getting yourself out there today all while giving a little history recap of how it use to be, but no more. He often makes jabs at the overall ‘big music congolomeretes’ and that they still, just don’t get it. He still feels that we’re probably still a few years off to the new digital models get worked out. Either way, the NIN camp will keep at it trying to innovate and push things along. Bottom line I think for Trent as mentioned in a previous video found on this site, the message is still find ways to connect to your fans in interesting ways that make you stand apart. Then, they may purchase that concert ticket. The music, the videos…. they’ll always end up being free.

If you’re looking for old road story gossip about hangin out with skinny puppy and uncle al, er, Ministry, there’s none of that to be found here. There’s one bit near the very end on the last question, where he sort of quickly blurted that he was a recovering addict (drug) himself  in reference to whether or not the band’s bass player being a Scientologist was a problem for Trent.

The video/audio quality is quite well, and is even a 2 Camera shoot!